EPESI Partnership Program
Program Requirements

To participate in the program a Partner needs to:

A Partner needs to demonstrate a willingness and ability to provide desired services. Depending on type of services offered a partner should be familiar with:

Partners are not obligated but encouraged to register and participate actively on Epesi support forum.

Program Benefits

Partners registered with JT Epesi will receive the following benefits:

Program Cost

Participation in the program is free of charge for qualified individuals or companies and does not require any signup or periodic membership fees.

Epesi Store

Epesi Store is used to deliver Premium Modules, which extend the basic functionality of Epesi CRM Core package, in a user friendly and automated way. In order to access it Epesi CRM installation must be registered. For more info see: epesi store


Upon registration each Epesi CRM instance (with a unique URL) receives a unique Epesi Master License Key. Each additional module purchased or obtained for free from Epesi Store receives its own unique Module License Key which is bound to the main Master Key.

License Tracking

This license tracking will be available to Partners via a portal. It is critical to register each production Epesi CRM instance (your own or your customers’) to properly track licenses and in turn credits and payments due to Partners. Failure to register Epesi CRM instances is considered as illegal activity and will result with termination of this agreement and participation in Epesi Partnership Program.

White Label, Private Label and Custom Branding

Many customers try to hide “Epesi” logo, name and MIT copyright notice with JT Epesi credits. According to terms of MIT license doing so is illegal. The only legal way to remove any references to “Epesi” and “JT Epesi” names is to purchase a White Label premium module. An individual license key must be purchased for each Epesi CRM instance.

For some applications including SaaS deployment a Partner may require Custom Branded product (or Private Label). Please contact us directly as we grant such permissions only on case by case basis and it will be a subject to a separate agreement and licensing fees.

Pricing and Billing

Partner’s services are offered independently from products and services of JT Epesi. Partner is responsible for pricing, billing own customers for such services and for collecting payments. Partner must purchase and register Premium Commercial modules via Epesi Store to qualify for any discounts (as described in benefits section).

JT Epesi will pay any referral fees owed to Partner for any qualified purchases of Commercial Premium Modules on a monthly basis if the owed balance exceeds $100.00 (one hundred dollars). Payments will be made via PayPal, Bitcoin or bank transfer (payments to be reduced in case of any applicable fees for transfers).

JT Epesi will provide access to historical records of all purchases linked to Partner’s account via Epesi Store portal.